Hesam Kamali

I was born in 1988 in Tehran. I have been a
professional photographer since 2010 and
had my own studio. I graduated in industrial
design. I also have 2 Damus Academy degrees
in Fashion Design and Metamorphosis of
Singapore International University. I'm the
founder of Magenta Creative Agency in 2023

Magenta Creative Agency

magenta is a cheerful and vibrant color at an
equal distance between the two main colors
red and blue. Physiologically, magenta helps
you to be forward-thinking, and that is the
basis of our work. Color is a big part of design,
and photography is no exception. Color is both a
basic visual information and a very powerful
tool for expressing emotions in an image.
Colors have the power to grab the viewer of your photos and can convey the feeling you want to the viewer.

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